Custom Mobile Apps

There are 5.3 Billion mobile subscribers around the world and 500 Million smart phones using the mobile web. Your company can’t afford to ignore these users. Jesse Stewart Creative can build a mobile version of your website optimized for mobile devices using 3G/4G conections and Tablets.

One website, many platforms. Apple iOS, Android, Android Honeycomb, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry 6, Blackberry 7, Blackberry Playbook, Palm WebOS, Firebox Mobile, Opera Mobile, Kindle, Chrome Desktop, Firefox Desktop, Internet Explorer, & Opera Desktop.

  • Custom Aplication Icons
  • One website, many platforms
  • Auto Detection of Mobile Devices
  • Code Compression For Mobile Connections
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Download from App Store and Marketplace
  • Upload Photos From Mobile Devices
  • Google Analytics

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